Fungal Pneumaturia


fungal pneumaturia
fungal bezoar
lower urinary tract symptoms

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Gaston, C. A. C., Gaston, M. J. F. V., & Lapitan, M. C. M. (2019). Fungal Pneumaturia: A Case Report on a Large Urinary Bladder Fungal Bezoar in a Young Diabetic Male. Philippine Journal of Urology, 29(2), 69-72. Retrieved from


Fungal bezoars or fungus balls are extremely rare cases especially when they occur within the urinary tract. Reported here is a 26-year old diabetic male presenting with pneumaturia, passage of debris per urethra and lower urinary tract symptoms. He was initially managed as a case of enterovesical fistula. Further work-up revealed a urinary bladder fungal bezoar. The patient was managed by endoscopic morcellation and evacuation of the fungal ball from the bladder and anti-fungal therapy. Awareness of this rare clinical entity and its presentation will aid in its proper diagnosis and management.

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