Policies on Submissions

It is assumed that the authors are submitting their original article which has not yet been previously published elsewhere, even if it was in another language or format.  All the authors, upon submission, shall present a signed certification attesting to this fact.

All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the editors and expert peer reviewers.  However, a submission may be rejected outright and not be subjected to review if it is seen as unoriginal or unrelated to the field of urology.  The authors of the manuscripts will be informed if their submission was rejected, accepted or is for revision through email.  The same email will contain the comments to the authors made by the peer reviewer/s.  Re-submission of manuscripts that need minor revisions must be done within two (2) weeks after receiving the reviewers’ comments while those requiring major revisions must be re-submitted within three (3) weeks.  Late submission of revisions may result in re-assignment of the manuscript to another reviewer.  The decision to accept or reject a manuscript lies with the editors and peer reviewers and is considered final.

All manuscripts, whether in print  or digital format, submitted to the PJU for publication, shall become the sole property of the PJU, and as a result, of the Philippine Urological Association (PUA), Inc. Any subsequent publication in any other journal, magazine, book or periodical will need the permission of the PJU.

The research papers submitted to research contests conducted by the PUA, are automatically for consideration for publication to the PJU.  The authors of such articles are therefore required to submit their papers for peer review and follow the rules and regulations governing submissions, publication and reprinting. However, should the authors formally request in writing that their paper not to be published in the PJU, the Editorial Board would grant this request and permit the paper to be published elsewhere.

All submitted manuscripts shall conform to the “Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals “ of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. (www.icmje.org ).

Policies on Ethics

It is assumed that authors are familiar with the principles of good clinical publication practice and have conducted their study under strict compliance with ethical standards and has been approved by an ethics review board whenever applicable.  The PJU Editors reserve the right to reject a submission on the basis of ethical standards.