Genitourinary Involvement in Colorectal Cancer


colorectal cancer
surgical involvement
diagnostic accuracy
preoperative cystoscopy

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Alip, S. K. L., & Lapitan, M. C. M. (2020). Genitourinary Involvement in Colorectal Cancer: Pre-operative Diagnostic Utility of CEA, Computed Tomography and Cystoscopy in Predicting Surgical Involvement. Philippine Journal of Urology, 30(1), 7-13. Retrieved from


Objective: This study aims to describe the demographics, clinical characteristics of patients, and the sensitivity and specifity of the clinical, laboratory, radiologic, diagnostic parameters in detecting histopathologically-proven urinary tract involvement in primary colorectal cancer patients referred to the urology service in the Philippine General Hospital.

Methods: This was a retrospective, cross-sectional study. The study included patients referred to the Division of Urology from the Division of Colon, Rectal and Anal Surgery January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. All patients diagnosed with colorectal malignancy and referred to the Urology service were included in the study, including their cystoscopy, axial tomography, CEA and symptom assessment scores.

Results: Fifty-eight patients were included in the study and, 43% were rectal cancers and 33% were sigmoid cancers. Sensitivities and specificities were as follows. Symptoms 40%, 84%, Cystoscopy, 45%, 100%; Axial tomography 75%, 79%. Surgical involvement correlated with histopathologic involvement with a specificity of 52%. CEA did not discriminate between cohorts of positive or negative involvement.

Conclusion: Cystoscopy, axial tomography and symptom assessment had high positive predictive values. All diagnostics had low negative predictive values when taken in isolation. Surgical assessment correlated with histopathologic findings in half of the population. CEA did not discriminate between those with surgical involvement and those without. A multi-modality assessment strengthens detection of surgical involvement preoperatively.

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