A 32-year old Female Diagnosed with Primary Adrenal Hemangiopericytoma


adrenal tumor
urologic malignancy

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Balajadia, L. A., & Latayan, M. J. (2020). A 32-year old Female Diagnosed with Primary Adrenal Hemangiopericytoma. Philippine Journal of Urology, 26(2), 86-91. Retrieved from https://pjuonline.com/index.php/pju/article/view/31


Hemangiopericytomas are rare tumors originating from pericytes in the wall of capillaries. It is a type of soft tissue sarcoma which commonly involves the lower extremities, pelvic retroperitoneum, and head & neck. A 32-year old female presented with a 5 year history of slowly-growing right flank mass. Physical examination findings showed a bulging right flank mass extending anteriorly, approximately 15cm x 15cm, firm, movable, nontender mass on bimanual examination. CT-scan with IV contrast revealed a large suprarenal mass, right. She underwent adrenalectomy with en-bloc nephrectomy, right with uneventful post-operative course. Histopathology of the specimen was read as hemangiopericytoma. Further testing by Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization confirmed the diagnosis. Metastatic work-up was negative. Hence, this is the first reported case of primary adrenal hemangiopericytoma. Surgical removal is the mainstay of treatment of hemangiopericytomas. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy have no role in the management of the disease.



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